50K OR DIE - Build a recurring income agency


The Goal

Build A $50K MRR Agency 

(MRR = Monthly Recurring Revenue)

WHy 50k?

$50K in Predictable Revenue means no more anxiety
Live and travel where you want
Enough left to invest in long term assets
50K is enough that even if you fall short you will still be a success
Its a big goal but not to big, its totally possible with hustle, determination and time

Why MRR (Monthly REcurring Revenue)?

The worst part of running a traditional digital agency is the gut wrenching anxiety of needing to close more and more work every month... cash flows swinging wildly with no predictability.

The answer? Recurring Revenue

Examples that we love:
- Pay Per Lead (Lead Gen)
- Managed WP Hosting
- Productized Website Design & Hosting
- SWAS (Software with a service)


50K Or Die is gathering place for agency owners or startups that are sick of client churn, kissing ass, working to many hours for to little pay. 

Its a place for sharing ideas and helping each other build predictable cash flow, low-stress businesses.

Jeremy & Dan run the blog but we all in this together. Hit us up on FB, join the group here.